1.6 Acres

A tale of amateur forestry


September Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. That’s partly because I’ve been busy and not in the mood for writing, but also because there wasn’t much to report on.

I have been out a couple of times in August though, and I’ve been really satisfied with the progress. Here’s a bunch of photos (I’m afraid I’ve resized them a bit too small, you’ll just have to imagine some of the detail).

A lovely sky with the Lagan (my woods on the left bank)


My best performing tree, a Rowan - this was shorter than the plastic tube you can see


The grass is taller than most of the trees


More long grass


My Scots Pine - not as successful as the broadleaves - I've had to cut back the grass quite a bit here


My oaks have done really well though.


This oak has had around 100% growth in 6 months


I've had help with clearing the weeds


A willow, self-seeded and growing well


One more tree, because you can never have enough...